First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH) is a diverse Filipino conglomerate dedicated to achieving a decarbonized and regenerative future through its energy, real estate, manufacturing, construction, and energy services. The company has long been an advocate for responsible and conscientious operations as a means to combat climate change, and has worked to ensure that this vision is translated into concrete practices in its operations. As such, the 2019 Integrated Report looks into FPH’s performance in working towards this vision.

Covering the company’s impacts and management approaches, the IR elaborates on the concrete steps that the company is making to create a sustainable world. Firmly believing that climate change is a solvable problem, FPH continues to push for promotion and use of renewable energy sources as it continues to create true value and progress across its business sectors.

With FPH’s strong commitment to integrating sustainability in all of its operations, Drink is proud to have worked with the company for the writing and designing of the report.