Maynilad’s 2019 Sustainability Report Kicks off With Annual Story Conference

To prepare for this year’s sustainability report, members from the various departments of Maynilad gathered together last Wednesday to participate in a Drink-facilitated story conference.

A crucial first step in the reporting process, the story conference served as a platform for Maynilad to discover their sustainability highlights for the year. The session proved a productive one, with attendees actively engaged in exercises that better helped them understand sustainable business practices and initiatives. Discussions were also held to identify the needs of each department’s internal and external stakeholders, and to determine the challenges that arose in the fulfillment of these needs.

By recognizing the topics most relevant to their stakeholders, Drink and Maynilad can better craft a narrative that highlights the organization’s overall goal: to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

This will be Drink’s 3rd year to collaborate with Maynilad on their annual SR. We’re thankful to take part in another year of Maynilad’s sustainability journey!

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