Happy New Year From the Drink Team!

A belated Happy New Year’s from Drink! 🥳

Before we went off for the holidays, the team got together for a fun night of dinner, drinks, and dancing at Cheers!: The 2019 Christmas Party and Drink Awards Night. Decked out in our best old Hollywood glam outfits, we spent the night celebrating another fruitful year of working towards a more sustainable Philippines.

Highlights of the night included live serenades by our CEO-slash-singer extraordinaire Harris Guevarra, the annual Drink Christmas raffles, and of course— the Drink Awards!

The Drink Award is an award given to the best and brightest of the Drink team, those who best exemplify the values of Drink. Drink Awardees create solutions that matter, exceed expectations, empower people, and cultivate an environment of shared learning. Their hard work made the past year truly meaningful and memorable. A big congratulations to the Drink Awardees of the year: Jo Poblete and Mariel de Jesus!

Mariel de Jesus & Jo Poblete (left to right) were voted as winners of The Drink Award, the most prestigious award Drink has to offer, reserved for our best and brightest.

Other awardees included Grace Villarba, stunning us as Star of the Night, and Angel Acance, recognized as our Rookie of the Year. Project(s) of the Year winners were EDC BINHI Social Media 2019 and Pepsi Philippines Annual & Sustainability Report 2018, projects that best showcased Drink values.

We’re incredibly proud to have such an amazing team of people working here at Drink. Here’s to an even better 2020!

Grace Villarba (2ND from right), stunningly dressed as Elizabeth Taylor from her iconic role as Cleopatra, wins Star of the Night.

One of our newest on the team—but one that works as hard as any Drink veteran— Angel Acance (center) deservingly won Drink’s Rookie of the Year! Congratulations Angel!

The EDC BINHI Social Media 2019 and Pepsi Philippines ASR 2018 teams celebrate their joint win of Project(s) of the Year.