Drink President and CEO Joins the Conversation on Finding Reason During Pitch Season


On July 27, 2021, GetCraft featured Drink Sustainability Communications President and CEO Harris Guevarra and freelance designer Nikkorlai Tapan in the online Manila Creators Meetup titled Finding Reason During Pitch Season. The panelists discussed what motivates the them to create work beyond winning awards; how far a brand can go in addressing social issues; and how creatives can find the balance between effective sustainability communications while achieving goals and KPIs, and more.

First, both speakers introduced their creative works and their social impact. Nikkorlai Tapan discussed Creating Positive Social Change Using Human-Centered & Inclusive Design while Harris shared how Drink is Creating Great Stories That Matter. After their presentations, the panelists answered questions from attendees. The guests provided insightful answers that reflected their personal values, and in Drink’s case, the values the company tries to incorporate in all its work.

During the Q&A, the guest speakers answered the question ‘What motivates you to create work that goes beyond winning awards?’

Harris shared:

To be honest… we don’t do work, don’t design, don’t write, to win an award. What’s important is you do the requirement first which is to do the real work. What really motivates me— I assume we have the same mindset with my coworkers in Drink— we don’t work for awards, what’s more important for us is that the work that we do is aligned with our values. So we always check that.

While Nikkorlai answered:

Whenever I see content, I know if it’s made to make money or if it’s made to actually make me engage in a good way. So, for me, that is my North Star. If I am the person looking at it, would I engage with it in a good way? Would it create change and create good social impact?

Harris was also asked how Drink convinces and changes the mindset of brands or clients to do sustainable communications. To this, Harris replied with Drink’s way of educating clients, not only on business sustainability, but sustainability in general— and on the client’s role in the country becoming a sustainable nation.

They have a role and they have a responsibility. It starts with that— with educating the client, and then engaging them. This is what you can do, showing them the data… ‘If [you] do this, your reputation will improve, your customers will follow’.

Both speakers agree that for creatives who want to start creating work that matters, they must choose clients aligned with their values. Communication and engagement with them are also essential. In addition, as Harris mentioned, to do something that will be relevant and create impact is to look and observe the world first.

There are a lot of issues right now that need design solutions. Choose the issue that matters to you. – Harris Guevarra

To experience both speakers’ presentations and the whole Q&A session, answer the GetCraft survey here for free access to the video-on-demand.

Drink President and CEO Joins the Conversation on Finding Reason During Pitch Season


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