Drink CEO Attends iACADEMY Student Expo as Judge and Panelist

Drink CEO Harris Guevarra attended iACADEMY’s student expo to judge the presentations of Grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) students of the Senior High School last December 17, 2019.

As part of iACADEMY’s mission to inspire students to innovate, the Project-Based Learning Exposition (PBL Expo) showcases the students’ acquired skills from their subjects through an output that embodies the driving question of the term. This semester, projects and presentations aimed to answer the question, “How can we use our water resources sustainably?”

The featured student projects were especially inspiring to the Drink members in attendance, as students presented creative, data-driven solutions to issues related to water use in the Philippines—specifically water scarcity issues that plague parts of the country.

Harris gave his insights to each of the student groups about their project and pitch, listening intently to case studies that featured ideas on water recycling, improving water management practices, upgrading sewage systems, establishing desalination plants, and more. Through these presentations, the ABM students aimed not only to heighten awareness on water scarcity issues, but to also urgently call to action all stakeholders involved to address the present water crisis.

The expo provided a platform for students, industry experts, and scholars to productively engage in discourse and share ideas. Since its creation in 2016, the PBL Expo has done excellent work in celebrating the hard work, capacity, and endless potential of iACADEMY students. Well done, everyone!