Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.

We collaborated with Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) to produce their 2021 Annual Report (AR), “Moving Forward, Adapting to Change.”We also provided the creative concept, editorial, and design services for their 2021 AR microsite.We have been a long-time sustainability partner of PSFI’s parent company, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp., since 2017.You may visit PSFI’s 2021 AR […]

PXP Energy Corporation

Since 2017, we have partnered with PXP Energy Corporation by providing editorial and design services for their Annual Reports.This year, we produced their 2021 Annual Report, “Charting a New Course,” highlighting PXP’s strength and adaptability amid the challenges they faced.Learn more about their 2021 accomplishments and performance here: https://bit.ly/3Dvr0BR

Drink’s 3-Year Partnership with Megawide

Through our strong partnership over the past three years, Megawide also communicates their Annual and Sustainability Reports (ASR) through microsites detailing their business journey.The Megawide 2021ASR microsite magnifies their relentless spirit amid persistent challenges. This journey is symbolized by a paper boat overcoming an angry storm, as seen on the cover of their report.Learn more […]

Thank you for Joining Championing the Good through Sustainability Reporting

Cheers, Malaysia! Championing the Good Through Sustainability Reporting was a great success.To all those who joined us, thank you for your warm reception about our best practices in sustainability reporting and communications.This event is the first step. We will surely be hosting more sustainability events in the future. Follow our Facebook and LinkedIn for more […]

1 day left: Championing the Good through Sustainability Reporting Invitation

Through the years, our partners achieved their sustainability targets with the help of our best-in-class practices.Aside from producing our partner’s sustainability reports, we empower them to build foundations, set targets, and communicate their sustainability journey.The day has finally come, Malaysia! Join us tomorrow as we commence “Championing the Good Through Sustainability Reporting.” Our journey towards […]

2 days left: Championing the Good through Sustainability Reporting Invitation

Drink views sustainability as the language of 21st-century business. The Drink Way of sustainability reporting is continuously updated in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and other international standards.Our best practices in researching, writing, and designing sustainability reports enable our partners to win the most prestigious international awards such as the Asia Sustainability Reporting […]

3 days left: Championing the Good through Sustainability Reporting Invitation

Each day, more companies embrace sustainability as the language of 21st-century business.Over the years, we have built strong partnerships with companies, NGOs, and government agencies by communicating their economic, environmental, and social performance through best-in-class reports and other sustainability communications.Only three days left until our free webinar, “Championing the Good Through Sustainability Reporting.” Embark, Malaysia! […]

Drink partners with Seneca

Drink is going global! We’re proud to announce our partnership with Seneca ESG, a Singaporean intelligence company that provides software solutions for different ESG (environmental, social, and governance) integrations. Our partnership will provide them with editorial and design services for sustainability reports, amplifying our commitment to collaborating with businesses aligned with our values toward a […]

Cebu Landmasters, Inc

We successfully partnered with Cebu Landmasters, Inc. in producing their 2021 Integrated Report (IR), entitled “Maestro, Going Beyond.”This collaboration helped us deliver their first IR, featuring their sustainability integration into their value chain.We will continue to support companies, such as Cebu Landmasters, toward a shared goal of a sustainable future.You may read 2021 IR, “Maestro, […]