Maynilad Water Services is the leading water provider in the country, dedicated to providing quality and reliable service to Filipinos. As the water industry faces numerous challenges brought about by the changing times, Maynilad continues to deliver through their core strength: their people. To further detail how Maynilad has continued to adapt, innovate, and excel, the water company has once again partnered with Drink for the creation of their 2019 Sustainability Report.

The SR, titled “Optimizing Water Supply for Reliable Service,” sheds light on the network of teams and individuals who strive to constantly bring quality water service to Filipinos. It is this dedication that has allowed Maynilad to continue delivering quality work despite the challenges facing the industry. Among the main highlights of the year was the company’s determination to seek out alternative water sources to continue providing reliable service.

With this strong foundation, Maynilad will surely continue to provide sustainable solutions for the benefit of every Filipino.