With 25 years in the industry, DMCI Holdings, Inc. (DMCI) has made itself known as the “Builder of Landmarks” in the country. This year, the real estate giant has taken a monumental step forward with the release of its first ever Sustainability Report. Titled “Moving Forward as One,” the 2019 SR provides a comprehensive look into the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the company, as well as an overview of its work towards improving internal operations and managing external impacts.

To truly bring the report to life, DMCI enlisted Drink for the report design and layout. With the cover depicting the various business units through a fingerprint-like window in the shape of the DMCI logo, the first SR brings focus to the company’s DNA of Integrity, Fairness, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Accountability, Innovation, and Sustainability. It is exactly these values that have brought DMCI to where it is today, and it is these values that will take DMCI even further.

Drink is honored to be part of DMCI’s drive to build on its successes, and to strengthen its commitment to its vision.