Global Footprint Network Inspires Individuals to #MovetheDate With Ecological Footprint Calculator

At Drink, we specialize in helping some of the biggest companies and organizations assess their environmental impacts, with the ultimate goal working towards sustainability. Such an assessment is easy to do for companies with access to big budgets and resources, but can the same be said for ordinary individuals?

With the goal of widening the conversation on climate change, the Global Footprint Network designed the Ecological Footprint Calculator, a simple and interactive website that helps individuals estimate their own environmental impacts. Featuring a colorful and animated interface, the website guides the user through a series of questions regarding their food, mobility, and lifestyle habits. At the end of the question and answer portion, the website gives the user their personal Earth Overshoot Day, or the date wherein global demand would exceed the amount of resources that the Earth can produce in a year if everybody lived like the user. At the end of the assessment, the website provides solutions to help the user lessen their environmental impact.

The initiative hopes to give individuals insight into how everyday choices play into the overall picture of climate change and, more importantly, to inspire users to #MovetheDate of their Earth Overshoot Day. Notably used by teachers to introduce students to sustainability, the site has drawn around 17 million visitors since its launch in 2007.

The website is an impressive platform that provides a way for individuals to join in on the climate conversation. Even the smallest contributions, after all, can play into making the biggest changes.