Drink’s 2020 Calendar aims to raise interest in native Philippine trees

Stepping out your front door, how many trees can you name? Our guess is: not many, if any at all.

Drink, together with our partners, has designed a 2020 calendar to invigorate interest in our indigenous tree species. Each monthly spread features a threatened species of native trees, paired with information on how it can be propagated in urban areas, such as parks or public gardens.

Speaking on the project’s vision, graphic designer Cholo Dela Cruz says, “I think a lot of us don’t really know a lot about our tree species. Maybe through this calendar, we can at least spread some awareness.” In theme with the calendar title, “Native Flora in Urban Spaces,” Cholo aimed to highlight the natural beauty of plant life by using muted/earthy colors, but experimented with the placement of design elements to make the look more modern.

Meanwhile, writer Joane Legaspi envisioned the calendar copy to be useful for those interested in urban greening. “When we were presenting concepts, this [concept] was my favorite, as it can be a calendar and at the same time, something educational,” she says. “The trees featured in the calendar are pleasing to look at and grow well in Philippine soil, provided that they’re cared for, particularly in urban areas.”

Providing information about the trees through feedback and resource materials were project partners Energy Development Corporation, Forest Foundation Philippines, Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society Inc., and Rain Forest Restoration Initiative. Once released, proceeds from the calendar will benefit initiatives to save our indigenous trees.