Drink CEO Meets With Student Leaders and Young Professionals to Discuss Environmental Activism in Social Media

Last December 10, Drink CEO Harris Guevarra traveled to Dumaguete City to discuss advocacy communications with the BINHI Youth Champions, college-level student leaders and young professionals from Negros Island.

Invited by Energy Development Corporation BINHI to speak on environmental youth activism in social media, Harris spoke on how effective activism necessitates effective communication. In his lecture, Harris encouraged the use of social media as a platform to connect to audiences, spread awareness on environmental issues, and inspire action.

“Social media is our platform to be more active on social issues,” said Harris, underscoring communication as a tool to inspire social change. “Encourage the youth to go out and be involved.”

The topic was especially appropriate for the BINHI Youth Champions, who have become advocates of geothermal energy and of the BINHI forest restoration program as a result of their participation in one of EDC’s five BINHI Youth Camps held from 2014-2018.

This year, instead of organizing a new camp, EDC reconvened the first five batches at an EDC BINHI Youth Assembly. The assembly served to remind the students of their importance to EDC as youth environmental advocates, and to emphasize their crucial role in fighting for environmental protection for their sustainable future.

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