Team Archive


Jasmin Estremera

Tasked with leading Drink’s printing projects, Jas enjoys every challenge that will help develop and enhance her management skills. A mathematics enthusiast, she once worked as an Actuarial Assistant in an HMO company where she practiced her mathematics knowledge and skills. She …


Grace Villarba

Grace’s mottos are: “Walk your talk,” “Pay it forward,” and “Live as if it were the last day of your life.” For her, working with the best people and with all good intentions can make the world a better place. She wants …


Raymond Ruedas

Raymond combines his free spirit with his communication expertise to write both creative and technical pieces, and generate conversations through communication plans and online campaigns. An oddball constantly moving between various points of the spectrum, he can go from casual food-loving writer …


Jomar De Venecia

Jomar has always been the creative person people know him to be. From playing guitar and writing songs, to designing communication materials, editing videos, and even winning a PR plan competition, he has proven himself a modern-day artist in diverse fields. But …


Janelle Flores

Janelle formerly worked with the government to help develop and support the Philippine book publishing Industry. She joined Drink to pursue her passion for art and at the same time build awareness and understanding of the pressing social and environmental issues.


Kristine Gonzalez

Kristine handles human resources at Drink where you will find her conducting exercises on mindfulness during Wellness Wednesdays. A former ballerina, account executive, and freelance writer, you will see her feet up and head on the mat as a teacher at Yoga Manila.


John Carlo Despi

Carlo has been with Drink since 2012 and has worked on various sustainability reports, annual reports, and graphics for Drink’s clients. Like our sustainability experts, he is trained in the GRI G4 framework. Carlo practices sustainability wherever he goes, biking to work …


Carissa Pobre

Carissa has worked on sustainability reporting and strategy across different markets including energy, utilities, financial services, and telecommunications, and is currently completing her Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS) certification. Her work has appeared in magazines, literary publications, and academic journals.


Dustin Celestino

Dustin’s background is in creative, technical, and research writing. He has also been part of a non-profit organisation that promotes science and rational thought. For 7 years prior to working at Drink, Dustin was a college professor who was notorious for never …


Camille dela Rosa

Camille heads the organization’s Drink Ideas initiative, a series of events and conferences that aims to promote the widespread adoption of sustainability. She demonstrates her background in sustainability reporting and management through an extensive portfolio of projects with Drink’s biggest clients. To …