A Sustainable Career

“There’s power in words,” says Drink Sustainability Adviser, Mabi David, as she shared her life’s journey as a creative professional in poetry and sustainability.

In a recent talk with the senior Fine Arts students at the Ateneo de Manila University, last April 23, 2016, Mabi shares how poetry brings her back to center. “It’s important to know what centers and fuels you. I always go back to literature,” she says.

“Know what’s important to you and what you can’t compromise,” Mabi David counsels.

Recalling the days when she started in the field of public relations and her work with the Ayala Corporation and the Filipinas Heritage Library, Mabi shared the choices that led to her path where she co-founded DRINK and High Chair with friend Harris Guevarra, while navigating between the creative and entrepreneurial world.

“You will figure it out as you look deep inside yourself and talk to other people. Be open to collaboration,” she says. Her work with The Purpose Business in Hong Kong with friend and founder, Pat Dwyer, has expanded her means to help promote change in the field of sustainability. For this talk, Mabi was invited as a speaker by former First Philippine Holdings client, Ms. Nina Terol.

“Define what is meaningful to you and what is your significant contribution,” she says. “It’s something that you answer everyday.”

An inspiration to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her, Mabi has found her balance, anchoring herself with her art as she continues her sustainability work and brings a level of maturity and depth in sustainability report writing and strategy.

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