The Farm

Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work – An upcoming roundtable discussion, to be held in partnership with The Farm at San Benito, on the value of wellness in boosting employee engagement and best practices to achieve holistic wellness in and out of the workplace.
Health is …

Your Sustainability Story

Your Sustainability Journey

Your Sustainability Journey – Drink coordinated a small group discussion with the Department of Agriculture Agribusiness Development Center to help small-to-medium enterprises competitively market their products and maximize opportunities with sustainability.


Forest Management and FSC Certification

Forest Management and FSC Certification – In partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council and in celebration of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week, Drink held a roundtable discussion on sustainable forest management and its role in managing climate change, as well as pointers on …


Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

DRINK has been collaborating with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to produce its Philippine 4-issue annual newsletter. The most recent issue includes a strategic framework to guide FAO initiatives in Mindanao through 2020, a revisit of the …

Energy Development Corporation-BINHI Brochure

The BINHI project of EDC

The BINHI project of EDC has been the company’s holistic reforestation program since 2008. The project aims to strategically reforest deforested areas in the Philippines by rescuing endangered high-priority native tree species. 96 target species have already been rescued and are being …


Energy Development Corporation

DRINK Editorial and Design provided copy, layout, and infogr`aphics for the Energy Development Corporation’s (EDC) 2014 Performance Report. EDC is a subsidiary of First Gen Corporation, and is the world’s largest integrated geothermal power producer and the Philippines’ only 100% renewable energies …

CEMEX Waste Management Services Folder-type Brochure

CEMEX Waste Management Services

DRINK produced both internal and external communication brochures for CEMEX, a global building materials company. The brochures disseminated information about Ecosolution, Cemex’ Waste Management Service. Through this service, Cemex reduces the hazards of improper waste disposal by offering a complete and efficient …


Sustainable development roots itself deeper into Philippine soil

Manila, Philippines – December 30, 2015 – Sustainable development has made significant progress in recent years, especially with the establishment of United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that finally set the standard to which organizations operate. Climate change talks, among many …